Zelenskyy following HQ: 90% of drones at front are domestically produced

At a meeting of the Headquarters on Friday, the production of drones, shells, the situation at the front and energy were discussed.

“Held a meeting of the Headquarters. Today there are five questions. The first is the Ukrainian production of drones. The plan for 2024. Contracts have been increased. We have planned an additional budget specifically for drones and will ensure its implementation. Reports were delivered by Deputy Prime Minister Fedorov and Minister of Defense Umerov. Overall, this year, more than 90% of the drones at the front are domestic production. I thank every Ukrainian company that works for our strength. Thanks to everyone who trains drone operators. Thanks to every volunteer who helps,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in Telegram channel on Friday.

“The second issue is shells. Production and imports. We are also increasing contracts. And accelerating manufacturers. Report was delivered by the Minister of Defense. Thanks to everyone who works 24/7 in production,” the president also said.

Speaking about the front, Zelenskyy said “Avdiivka is especially difficult. Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhny and commanders in the directions – Moskaliov, Syrsky reported.”

“Fourth – fortification. Building up fortifications. Report of Prime Minister Shmyhal on financing. Report of the Minister of Defense on the deadlines for completing tasks has been delivered. We will implement it quickly. Thanks to everyone involved,” Zelenskyy said.

“Restoration of the energy sector after Russian attacks, physical protection of the energy sector, and our systemic steps were also discussed. Detailed reports. Government – Shmyhal, Kubrakov. Energy companies – Chernyshov, Kudrytsky. We are going through this heating season stably,” the president said.


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