Zaluzhny outlines main tasks for Ukrainian Defense Forces for 2024

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valeriy Zaluzhny, in his article for CNN outlined the main tasks for 2024 for the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

So, in his opinion, in 2024, the main efforts should be focused on: creating a system for providing the Defense Forces with high-tech means; the introduction of a new philosophy of preparation and conduct of military operations, taking into account the limitations; as a result, to master new combat capabilities in the shortest possible time.

“So, we say that in modern conditions, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, together with other components of the State Defense Forces, have abilities that allow not only to destroy the enemy, but also ensure the existence of statehood itself. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the new conditions of war to maximize the accumulation of the latest combat potential, which will allow with fewer resources to inflict maximum damage to the enemy, stop aggression and protect Ukraine from it in the future,” Zaluzhny believes.


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