Zelenskyy calls on EU to expand long-term support programs for Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, speaking via video link at a meeting of the European Council on Thursday, called on European states to expand long-term support programs for Ukraine.

“In a confrontation like the one Russia has unleashed, the winner is the one who proposes a long-term strategy. Russia must understand that its aggressive ambitions will endure less than our ability to protect freedom. Therefore, every approved program of such long-term support for Ukraine is a clear signal to Russia that its aggression is in vain and that no matter how many resources Putin spends on the war, he will not win,” he said.

So, in his words, “the Russian elite must see and feel this, so that it will be more difficult for the Russian dictator to maintain his position.”

“Therefore, it is worth expanding our experience of long-term support programs. Each of these decisions is not easy. But each of them is the defense of freedom and our Europe. A safe Europe,” the President said.

At the same time, Zelenskyy thanked individual EU states for the long-term support programs already provided, including budgetary ones. In particular, according to him, among European countries there are already corresponding decisions on such programs from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania and the European Commission.

“Outside the EU, I thank Norway, Japan and Switzerland for their long-term steps. A long-term step is being considered in the United States,” he concluded.


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