Ukrainian President’s Office hosts briefing for heads of diplomatic missions of EU states on sanctions policy priorities

A briefing was held at the President’s Office of Ukraine for the heads of diplomatic missions of the European Union countries and the EU Delegation to Ukraine regarding the priorities of the sanctions policy, the official portal of the head of state said.

“During the event, the main focus was on the need to further increase the sanctions pressure on the aggressor country, in particular in the context of the preparation of the 11th EU sanctions package, as well as on the importance of implementing previously introduced restrictions,” the presidential press service said in a statement on Thursday.

The briefing was attended by First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy of Ukraine Yulia Svyrydenko and advisors to the Head of the Office of the President Vladyslav Vlasiuk and Daria Zarivna.

As reported, the organizers of the event informed the participants about the results of the work of the Yermak-McFaul International Sanctions Group and the Ukrainian Interagency Working Group on Implementation of State Sanctions Policy.

“Ukraine already has practical experience regarding the mechanism of using confiscated Russian assets to restore our economy. We call on the EU states to speed up the finalization of the legal framework and practical tools for the use of confiscated Russian assets abroad, which are necessary for the needs of the reconstruction of Ukraine,” Svyrydenko said, adding the sanctions regime should be strengthened while the war is going on.

Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President Vlasiuk emphasized the following sanctions priorities: expansion of sanctions pressure on Russian banks and Rosatom, strengthening of sanctions against propagandists and representatives of Russian show business, further restrictions on the Russian military-industrial complex and high-tech industries that have direct relation to the production of weapons. Vlasiuk cited examples of circumvention of sanctions and called for the immediate elimination of existing gaps.

“Next week, the Yermak-McFaul International Sanctions Group will present Action Plan 2.0 on strengthening sanctions against Russia. The first document became the basis for the introduction of many sanctions restrictions, so we hope that Plan 2.0 will be a real road map for the introduction of further sanctions,” Vlasiuk said.

According to the press service, Zarivna focused on the priority of imposing sanctions on propagandists. “This war is also an information war. Propagandists are one of the keys to the existence of the Putin’s regime. It is they who influence millions of Russians every day through the mass media, stimulating hatred of Ukraine and the desire to continue the war.”

According to her, in the context of the introduction of personal sanctions, Russian officials deserve special attention, who are “directly involved in the process of illegal deportation of Ukrainian children deserve special attention in the context of the introduction of personal sanctions. It is in this priority direction that the special group on the protection and safety of children, which is already developing a corresponding action plan, will intensify its work in the near future,” Zarivna said.


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