Some 159 people injured, 39 people killed as result of massive missile attack on Dec 29 – Zelenskyy

Almost 120 cities and villages were affected by Russia’s massive missile attack on Friday, December 29, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said.

“A total of 159 people were injured in the terrorist attack. Regrettably, as of the moment, this number includes 39 killed people. My condolences to their families and friends. All those who sustained injuries and traumas received necessary aid,” he said on the Telegram channel.

The head of state thanked the State Emergency Service, employees of municipal enterprises, police and everyone who rendered help on the spots.

“I am particularly grateful to all world leaders, politicians and public activists who condemned this attack. I am grateful to journalists in many countries who support our people and tell the truth about the Russian evil and our defense. Weapons in the hands of Ukrainians always mean the protection of life, and every manifestation of Russian terror again and again proves that assistance to fighters against the terror should not be delayed. We all must defeat this terror,” the president said.



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