Russia creating new group of strike aircraft for ground attacks on Ukraine – British intelligence

The Russian Federation is creating a new strike aviation group codenamed Storm for ground attacks on Ukraine, according to a defense intelligence report published on Twitter by the Ministry of Defense of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on Monday morning.

“Russia is highly likely creating a new ‘elite’ attack aviation group code-named ‘Shtorm’ to operate over Ukraine. The unit is likely to consist of at least one squadron of Su-24 FENCER and Su-34 FULLBACK fighter-bombers, and a squadron of attack helicopters. The mix of aircraft types suggests the group will have a primary role of ground attack missions,” the message reads.

The report says that according to Russian media reports that are trustworthy, the Russian Defense Ministry is seeking to attract highly qualified and motivated pilots by offering them large salary benefits and also opening recruitment for retired pilots.

The creation of this group means that the squadron of the regular air forces of the Russian Federation seriously failed in their main function of launching airstrikes on Ukrainian positions.


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