Klitschko calls on European mayors to help to involve businesses in Kyiv restoration projects

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko called on the mayors of 15 European cities to help attract national businesses to participate in strategically important projects for Kyiv, in particular, in the field of medicine and rehabilitation, energy, environmental and civil security, the press service of the city council has said.

“Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko, together with Brussels Mayor Philippe Close, talked online from Kyiv with the mayors of 15 European cities that signed the joint Declaration of Understanding in Support of Reconstruction and Sustainable Development of Kyiv in November last year, according to the statement on the website of Kyiv City Council posted on Thursday.

“During today’s online meeting, we discussed projects for the implementation of which Kyiv needs international support,” the press service quoted Klitschko as saying.

He noted that Kyiv directs significant funds from the city budget to finance critical infrastructure projects. In particular, for construction and repair works. However, the issue of meeting the demand for modern equipment and introducing the latest technologies in various fields remains open. And this is where international support is very important. Among the priorities of the city authorities are the rehabilitation of victims of the war, development of medicine, energy and environmental security, civil protection of the population, education, municipal services.

“In particular, among the projects, the implementation of which is very important today, is the creation of a modern center for the rehabilitation of war victims on the basis of the capital’s medical institution and the training of highly qualified specialists in the sports rehabilitation of wounded soldiers,” Klitschko said.

According to him, the focus of the Kyiv authorities is also “the creation of a modern rehabilitation center to provide social and rehabilitation services to Kyiv residents with disabilities, children’s health improvement, improvement of medical care for bone marrow transplantation, creation of a skin cultivation laboratory. We also care about the safety of the population, we are working on modernization warning systems. The rolling stock of public transport and municipal equipment in Kyiv also needs to be upgraded,” the mayor said, speaking about the most sensitive points in the life of the city.

“I want to emphasize: we are not asking for funds, we are not talking about the amounts of money that we need. We are talking about specific substantive assistance, which you will send, and you will control its use and application,” Klitschko said.


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