In Bakhmut area, Russian forces lose almost 4,500 people in two weeks, every day – up to 50 enemy assaults – AFU

In the area of Bakhmut, the enemy lost almost 4,500 Wagner fighters and regular army soldiers killed and wounded in two weeks, every day he carries out from 40 to 50 assault attempts, said Deputy Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Brigadier General Oleksiy Hromov.

“To date, Bakhmut direction remains the most difficult, where the enemy continues offensive actions in the central part of the town of Bakhmut, as well as in the direction of Bohdanivka and Ivankivske settlements in order to surround the city from the north and south. In order to strengthen the offensive potential, a part of the enemy’s forces and means has been moved to Bakhmut area from Avdiyivka direction. Every day in the area of Bakhmut, he carries out from 40 to 50 attempts of offensive assault actions, more than 500 attacks using the full range of available weapons,” he said at a briefing on Thursday.

As emphasized in the General Staff, the military-political leadership of the Russian Federation does not pay attention to significant losses. Hromov noted that “over the past two weeks in Bakhmut area, the enemy has lost almost 4,500 Wagner fighters and soldiers of the regular army of the Russian Federation killed and wounded.“

In addition, in some units of the Russian Army, the mobilized military massively refuse to participate in hostilities, the “refuseniks” are brutally dealt with.


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