Zelenskyy: Protecting the sky, our frontline positions from Russian air, missile strikes is one of main tasks this year

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy thanked the defenders of the Ukrainian sky for the results of combat work, noting that protecting the sky and our frontline positions from Russian air and missile strikes is one of the main tasks this year.

“Seven Russian combat Su-aircraft have been destroyed over a week. Thank you, our warriors, for your accuracy. And one of the main tasks of this year for our state is precisely the protection of the sky and our frontline positions from Russian air and missile strikes,” he said in an evening video message on Wednesday.

Zelenskyy also noted the second priority – “on neighborhood policy, on relations with partners in the European Union. The President stressed that “the Ukrainian principle is pragmatism. And in terms of security, we must do everything as pragmatically as possible so that both Ukraine and each of our partners become stronger, so that each of us has more opportunities to defend ourselves from Russian evil. We must also take a pragmatic approach to solving social and economic problems – without unnecessary politicization, without manipulation – manipulation of relations between states and peoples. The more pragmatic we are, everyone in Europe, the more our common values are protected, the stronger our independence is.”

“And, of course, our priority now directly concerns relations with Poland. Today I proposed to our partners in Poland to solve the existing problems on the border for the sake of common interests. Our government and all our institutions are ready for meetings and dialogue. I am ready to join these meetings. It is very important that the European Commission is also in dialogue. We all need a result. … When Ukrainians and Poles or anyone else in our Europe does not find a common language with each other, only Moscow is happy about it,” the President of Ukraine is convinced.

“Third, we are preparing new security agreements with our partners. Very substantive. This is a new defense support for our soldiers, and very specific financial guarantees for our state,” Zelenskyy said.

“Of course, our warriors. Lastochkyne, Avdiyivka direction. Novomykhailivka, Maryinka direction. Synkivka, Kupyansk direction. Robotyne, Zaporizhia direction. There is the greatest activity of Russian assaults during these days. And the maximum important fortitude and bravery of our soldiers. Thanks to everyone who is in combat, at combat posts, on combat missions,” Zelenskyy said.


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