Zelenskyy establishes Day of military-industrial complex on anniversary of Moskva cruiser destruction

April 13, the anniversary of the destruction of the Russian cruiser Moskva, will be celebrated as the Day of the military-industrial complex, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy said at a meeting with workers of military-industrial complex on Thursday.

“The fact that Ukraine survived, that Ukraine can fight and liberate its land, that Ukraine is confident in its future, is largely based on our confidence in the skills and talents, intelligence and strategic thinking of all those who effectively work in the Ukrainian military-industrial complex and is able to develop it,” he said.

He called April 13, 2022, an outstanding day when “a Ukrainian rocket helped restore order in the Ukrainian Black Sea.”

“Due to our Neptune, the enemy flagship went exactly where it belongs, like all other Russian warships. That is why April 13 today will be celebrated annually as a professional day for all workers and workers of the military-industrial complex of Ukraine,” the president said.

He said this was the first use of our missile in combat conditions.

According to him, Ukraine continues to develop new technologies, including drones and sea drones. “We will only increase our efforts,” Zelenskyy said.


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