Zelenskyy congratulates employees of Ukrainian defense industry on professional holiday

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy congratulated employees of the military-industrial complex of Ukraine on their professional holiday.

“Today is the professional day of everyone who organizes, designs and builds the Ukrainian force – the Day of Employees of the Military-Industrial Complex of Ukraine. Now there are 500 enterprises of the military-industrial complex operating in Ukraine. Almost 300,000 people are involved in this production of ours. And all this is truly one of the main foundations of our independence. The events of the war prove this,” the head of state said.

“With the help of naval drones created by our people, Ukrainian soldiers are clearing the Black Sea from Russian terrorist influence. Thanks to Ukrainian developments, the Putin system feels that aggression really has its price. Ukrainian Stugna, Ukrainian armor, Ukrainian FPV drones are no longer what ‘unusual,” Zelenskyy said.

“I am proud of all our people and enterprises that also make modern Ukrainian artillery familiar – the necessary modern calibers, the necessary guns. Thanks to everyone who works for this,” the president said.

“Already now, other countries are interested in our weapons and in us working together. After all, without our strength there will be no full-fledged strength of the EU and NATO. Ukraine will definitely achieve security for itself and help others maintain and maintain security,” Zelenskyy said.

The president inspected the latest models of military equipment and weapons and heard a report on the volume of their production and use at the front. He also discussed with the manufacturers the issue of state ordering of the submitted samples and the possibility of increasing production.

Two years ago, April 13, 2022 two Neptune missiles, which were developed and manufactured by Ukrainian specialists, destroyed the Russian missile cruiser Moskva. In honor of this event, last year a presidential decree established a professional holiday for workers of the Ukrainian military-industrial complex.


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