Zelenskyy calls for support for Ukrainian soldiers ‘politically and informationally’

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that “the path to victory lies ahead.”

“We are now at such a stage of the war, when it is important for our society and partners not to lose a sense of the path we have to overcome. Precisely the path. The path that’s ahead. Compared to last year, it’s quieter in many places now. But this does not mean that somewhere you can ignore the war or be less focused on helping the state,” he said in a video message on Tuesday.

“We managed to do a lot together with our partners to protect people, Ukraine, and the whole of Europe. But this doesn’t mean it’s time to rest on our laurels. The path is ahead. The movement is ahead. Something that requires no less unity from us than before. No less focus than before,” Zelenskyy said.

“Just as before, our positions at the front, all our warriors in their positions must be supported by Ukrainian positions politically and informationally, by the power of weapons and the power of our social unity, by our internal resilience and the strength of Ukraine’s ties with the world. And this is the task of both the state and everyone in the state, of both Ukraine and everyone in the world who values a free life and an international order based on rules,” he said.

“It is unwise to just passively hope that someone else will bring victory, the one who is now in the trenches, who is now in the assaults. This is a common task. Victory is gained by everyone. By those who fight for it and those who give weapons. By those who reduce the capabilities of the terrorist state and those who increase the capabilities of Ukraine,” the president said.


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