Ukrainian Red Cross joins project of Social Policy Ministry on social adaptation of veterans

The Ukrainian Red Cross Society (URCS) has joined the implementation of the project of the Ministry of Social Policy on the introduction of social adaptation services for veterans and their family members.

“This service will consist of two stages: a social rehabilitation program in a sanatorium or recreational facility; social support in a community… The Ukrainian Red Cross is developing a standard for the first stage of the project – carrying out social rehabilitation program activities in recreational facilities,” the URCS said on Facebook on Tuesday.

In particular, URCS has developed a training program for a multidisciplinary team (social work specialists, psychologists), which will implement the project. A multidisciplinary team, volunteers and employees of the URCS, employees of Vinnytsia Regional Center for Social Services conducted the first pilot training in Vinnytsia in December, where they finalized the social recovery program.

In 2024, the URCS, together with the Ministry of Social Policy, will oversee training programs for specialists, visiting sessions for veterans with their families, and will also conduct four pilot trips.


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