Ukrainian Foreign Ministry about video report of FRANCE 24 from military camp of Russians: disgrace to journalism

A video report of the French FRANCE 24 TV channel about how Russian troops are preparing to kill Ukrainians is disgrace to journalism, and going the occupied territories without Ukraine’s consent is a violation of the law, spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Oleg Nikolenko has said.

“FRANCE 24 report on Russian troops preparing to kill Ukrainian people is disgrace to journalism. Going to occupied territories without Ukraine’s consent violates Ukrainian legislation, and those who participate in such actions will be held accountable by the law,” Nikolenko wrote on Twitter.

Ukrainian Ambassador to France Vadym Omelchenko also reacted to the TV channel’s report, calling it a bad example of “neutral journalism.”

“A bad example of so-called ‘neutral journalism:’ @FRANCE24 reporting from the positions of the invaders learning to kill Ukrainians (and preparing for another Bucha). Improbable to imagine such a report from the positions of the Nazis in Normandy on the eve of the landing. Am I wrong, is this normal? Moreover, the journalist evokes “an enemy counter-offensive” when speaking of the Ukrainian army,” the ambassador wrote on Twitter.

Now the video is not available on the channel’s website.

Earlier, the film crew of the French FRANCE 24 TV channel recorded a story about a military camp of Russian troops. In the story titled “War in Ukraine: Russian Troops Preparing to Fight Before Counteroffensive,” there was no mention of the Russian military committing illegal aggression against Ukraine.


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