Ukrainian Foreign Minister: best security guarantees for Ukraine before NATO summit are fast-track weapon supplies, provision of F-16 jets

In the short term, the best guarantee of Ukraine’s security is speeding up the supply of weapons and ammunition, as well as making a positive decision on the provision of F-16 fighter jets, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said.

“In the short term, of course, the best guarantee of our security is to speed up the supply of weapons and rounds, the strong acceleration, and a positive decision to provide F-16 jets to Ukraine,” Kuleba said during a live conversation with journalist Vadym Karpiak on Instagram.

He said that Ukraine is working on these decisions every day. The first issue, according to the minister, is progressing more successfully, and the work on the second continues.

“From now until the summit in Vilnius, these would be the best guarantees for Ukraine’s security,” the Foreign Minister said.


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