Ukraine’s victory will lead to democratization of Russia – Romanian representative

State Counsellor of the Romanian Prime Minister for Foreign Relations, Security and Strategic Affairs Iulian Chifu has said that Ukraine’s victory in the war against Russia will lead the latter to democratization.

“Ukraine’s victory will also lead Russia to democratization,” he said during the 15th annual Kyiv Security Forum, organized by the Open Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk Foundation, on Friday.

The state counsellor also said that it is necessary to learn lessons from the war, one of which is that “grey zones mean give the green light to the aggressor.”

Chifu also expressed fear that Russia might use its influence in the Transdniestria to use this territory into “a new Kaliningrad.”

He also stressed the importance of strengthening security in the Black Sea region.

“We worked at the Madrid summit and advocated for the Black Sea region to be considered as a region of strategic interest for NATO. And I think that now we can fight together with our Ukrainian friends to ensure that the Black Sea strategy is also worked out by the U.S. Congress,” he said.

Kyiv Security Forum is taking place in the capital of Ukraine on May 25-26.


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