Ukraine, Romania, Moldova ready to jointly counter Russian propaganda, strengthen security – defense and foreign ministers’ meeting

On April 13, the Foreign and Defense Ministers of Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine adopted a joint statement in Bucharest, in which they underlined the importance of the trilateral format of dialogue and cooperation in bringing the three countries closer.

“We will continue to work together, as long as necessary, to support the right to choose freely one’s own foreign policy and alliances, to exercise legitimate self-defense, to build resilience and to ensure stability, security and prosperity in our area. The enlargement of the European Union as well as enhanced cooperation with NATO are pivotal in this respect, and we will further make every effort with a view to a continued strong European and Euro-Atlantic support for the region,” the ministers said in the joint statement.

The three countries said they, as partners located in the eastern part of the European continent, have similar security concerns and the same interest in a stable and secure Black Sea region. “Russia’s brutal, illegal and unprovoked military invasion of Ukraine in 2022 as continuation of aggression started by Russia against Ukraine in 2014 has caused suffering and destruction for millions, bringing war, once again, on the European continent,” according to the statement posted on the website Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

In addition, it is noted that Russia continues to use a wide range of hybrid tactics aimed at further intimidating Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and other countries in the region.

“We express our willingness to cooperate closely on fostering joint capacities for countering Russian propaganda and strengthening our societies’ resilience, including to disinformation. We have reiterated our strong condemnation of these aggressive actions that represent an unprecedented threat in the last decades for our region, and for the Euro-Atlantic area,” the ministers said.

Commitment to sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine within the internationally recognized borders that extend to territorial waters has been underlined in the document.

In this context, the ministers underlined the importance of the historic decision of the European Council of June 23, 2022 to grant the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine the EU candidate status and agree to step up efforts to ensure their full membership in the EU.

“We are looking forward for the European Commission’s evaluation of the progress achieved and decision on starting already this year accession negotiations of Ukraine and Republic of Moldova with the EU,” according to the document.

Romania and the Republic of Moldova reiterated their readiness to support Ukraine’s initiative for a comprehensive, just and lasting peace, expressing their support to the Peace Formula of President Zelenskyy and their commitment to actively work with Ukraine on implementation of the ten-point peace plan.

It is also noted that persons who have committed serious international legal crimes on the territory of Ukraine, as well as officials responsible for this, should be held accountable.

In addition, building on the results of the first trilateral meeting in Odesa in September 2022, the parties agreed to organize, at the earliest opportunity in the upcoming period, a new round of trilateral talks between the Foreign Ministers, with the participation of the ministers responsible for energy and infrastructure respectively.


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