Ukraine establishes warm diplomatic relations with India – Yermak

Ukraine has managed to establish warm diplomatic relations with India, head of the President’s Office of Ukraine Andriy Yermak wrote for the Indian newspaper The Hindu.

“We managed to establish warm diplomatic relations with India, and I believe that I am right when I say that our views are similar in two important aspects. Firstly, we did not seek war with the Russian Federation. Just like India, we only fight when we are attacked. Secondly, we share India’s belief that the world has long been experiencing an imbalance in international institutions,” he wrote.

“Russia has discredited itself as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council by undermining global faith in an outdated structure. Russia kills Ukrainians, kidnaps children, and commits genocide of our people. The Council was created after the Second World War with the mission of maintaining world peace – a task that it clearly failed to fulfill,” Yermak said.

In his opinion, “however long it takes to deprive the world of Russia’s crimes, Mr. Modi’s UN reform campaign deserves success. Ukraine also wholeheartedly supports the theme of the current Indian G20 chairmanship, proposed by Mr. Modi.”


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