Russia uses Iranian Arash missiles in Ukraine

 Russian troops in Ukraine are using 122-mm HE-FRAG missiles of the Arash family produced by Iran, Bild reports.

“The other day, the Russian Defense Ministry published a short video from Ukraine showing Iranian 122-mm HE-FRAG missiles of the Arash family. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation use them when firing multiple rocket launchers Grad. The video drew the attention of the experts of the UAWeapons project. Just two weeks ago in New York, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi denied that Tehran was supplying Moscow with weapons,” the Telegram channel says.

Bild military expert Julian Röpcke noted that footage of Iranian missiles used by Russians in Ukraine had appeared on the web before, but now the Russian Defense Ministry itself has confirmed their use. He also stressed that Grad fires up to 40 missiles per salvo, since the beginning of the war, the Russian Armed Forces have already spent hundreds of thousands of such ammunition.

“Because of this, Moscow is constantly in need of new missiles for MLRS, including from Belarus, the DPRK and Iran,” the message emphasizes.


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