Results of forensic examination confirm unfoundedness of charges in Riviera Village case – co-founder

The results of a forensic examination carried out in the case of the cottage town of Riviera Village confirm the groundlessness of the accusations against the co-owners and management of the town of developing the lands of the hydraulic structures of Kyiv Hydroelectric Power Station, co-owner of Riviera Village Serhiy Sliusarenko said.

“The forensic examination actually destroys the accusations against the co-owners of the Riviera Village project and once again proves that this case was artificially put together solely for the sake of corruption pressure on our business,” Sliusarenko said.

According to the results of the examination dated March 28, 2024, conducted by the Ukrainian Institute of Forensic Expertise and made available to Interfax-Ukraine, it was established that the land plots on which the construction of the Riviera Village project is being carried out had no restrictions on use at the time of allocation and are not imposed to areas under Khotianivka protective dam.

“Summarizing the results of the study, (…) as of the date of allotment of land plots, we can come to the conclusion that they (52 in number) do not have any restrictions on use, there are no existing measures for the protection of lands and soils, the plots have a designated purpose in accordance with KVTSNZ – 01.05 [Classifier of types of intended use of land plots] for individual gardening, allocated from lands that belong to the category ‘agricultural lands not granted for ownership or use to citizens or legal entities,” follows from the document.

The co-owner of Riviera Village said he expects the case to be dismissed immediately.

As reported, law enforcement officers accuse Sliusarenko and employees of the Riviera Village cottage town in Vyshgorod district of Kyiv of organizing a criminal group with the aim of seizing land plots on which the hydraulic structures of Kyiv hydroelectric power station are allegedly located. A criminal investigation has been ongoing since 2014.

Earlier in February, Pechersky District Court of Kyiv decided to change the preventive measures against the detained Sliusarenko and two Riviera Village employees from detention to house arrest.


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