Propagandist Yulia Vityazeva, who fled to Russia, sentenced to 11 years in prison in absentia – SBU

Propagandist of the Soloviev Live TV channel Yulia Lozanova, speaking under the pseudonym Yulia Vityazeva, was sentenced in absentia, based on materials from the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), to 11 years in prison.

“Based on the materials of the Security Service, collaborator Yulia Lozanova (better known under the pseudonym Yulia Vityazeva), who is hiding from justice in the Russian Federation, received a prison sentence in absentia,” the SBU said on its Telegram channel on Thursday.

According to the intelligence service, Lozanova moved from Ukraine to Moscow in 2015, where she began publicly disseminating fake news about the socio-political situation in our state. “Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, she has constantly supported the Russian invaders, as she stated on numerous broadcasts on the Solovyov Live TV channel,” the message clarifies.

In addition, as the SBU noted, the collaborator became a “columnist” for the occupation news agency News Front, which was created in temporarily occupied Crimea. “It has been established that it was Lozanova who was one of the first to justify the racists in undermining the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station. She also regularly uses controlled telegram channels to collect donations for the needs of the occupying groups of the Russian Federation that are fighting against Ukraine,” the SBU informs.

Based on the evidence collected by the SBU, the court found Lozanova guilty under two articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine: Part 6 of Article 111-1 (collaboration activities), Part 2 and Part 3 of Article 436-2 (justification, recognition as lawful, denial of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, glorification of its participants). The court sentenced her to 11 years in prison in absentia with confiscation of property. Comprehensive measures are ongoing to physically detain and bring the perpetrator to justice for crimes against our state.

The investigation was carried out under the procedural leadership of Lviv Regional Prosecutor’s Office.


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