Procedure for importing humanitarian aid for the needs of municipalities and its use should be simplified – Mayor of Trostyanets

The procedure for importing humanitarian aid for the needs of municipalities should be simplified, communal enterprises should have the right to use it in their statutory activities.

This opinion was expressed by Trostyanets mayor Yuriy Bova in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine.

“The aid that comes to utility companies (equipment for energy systems and water utilities, buses, fire trucks, etc…), according to the regulations, should not be used for commercial purposes. But every utility is a commercial utility. That is, de jure, they are in violation of the law if they accept humanitarian aid. Therefore, the law on humanitarian aid should be urgently, immediately amended to allow the physical acceptance of this property,” Bova said on the sidelines of the International Summit of Mayors in Chisinau.

He added that now such humanitarian aid is idle, as the same transportation can be operated only as free of charge.

“On our (mayors’ – IF-U) initiative, a draft law No. 11165 has been submitted to the Verkhovna Rada, which will allow the use of humanitarian aid for the purposes of statutory activity by municipal institutions and communal enterprises that provide educational services, health services, passenger transportation, household waste management, centralized water supply and centralized drainage. I hope that the changes will be adopted as soon as possible, because so far the situation when we cannot use the equipment and technologies received from partners is a complete absurdity,” Bova said.


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