Polish govt hopes for swift resolution of Ukrainian-Polish border blockade – Tusk

The Polish government is making efforts to effectively represent the interests of Polish carriers and drivers, which will lead to the easing and, as a result, ending of the blockade on the Polish-Ukrainian border, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said on Wednesday at a press conference after a government meeting.

“I donєt think we will achieve the maximum that the protesting Polish carriers are demanding, but it seems that what can be achieved will allow us to defuse emotions and perhaps quickly lift the blockade on the border. I think we are close to believing in that our actions can bring results – both actions in Kyiv and negotiations in Brussels,” polskieradio24.pl said, citing him.

Tusk also said that after the government meeting, a meeting of the Security Committee of the Council of Ministers was held, during which Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski reported on his visit to Kyiv.

“This confirmed what we all know and feel, that the situation at the front is difficult,” the Prime Minister said.

He said “in general, the situation in Ukraine is quite dramatic for various reasons. This requires great activity from us, both in terms of diplomatic and political support, as well as strong cooperation in terms of material assistance to Ukraine,” Tusk said.


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