Partners’ aviation could shoot down Russian missiles flying across Ukraine, its neighbors – Zelenskyy

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy believes that NATO aircraft could shoot down Russian missiles.

“The aviation of France, Germany, Poland, Britain, no matter who, rising into the sky on the territories of their states … If these planes, these aircraft will rise on the territory of their countries and will shoot down missiles that, of course, fly through Ukraine, but can also fly to these territories, as has already been recorded, … I will only give a standing ovation and I will be grateful for it,” he said in an interview with Brazilian journalists published on Saturday.

In addition, according to Zelenskyy, the allies could strengthen the borders.

“Russia is constantly threatening to cross the borders of Ukraine from Belarus. It also threatens the borders of Belarus-Poland, as well as Belarus-Baltic States since Belarus does not control the troops of the Russian Federation on the territory of Belarus,” he said.

“We have a positive attitude towards strengthening the borders … If there is such an opportunity to strengthen the borders, then this is great for us and for Poland,” Zelenskyy said.


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