Over day, on left bank of Kherson region, 31 invaders, 3 air defense systems, radar and gun mount destroyed

Rocket and artillery units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 31 Russian invaders and more than two dozen pieces of Russian equipment on the occupied left bank of the Dnipro River in Kheron region over the past 24 hours, the Pivden task force reported on Facebook on Friday.

In particular, a mortar, an artillery mount, an enemy anti-aircraft missile system Osa, two launchers, a radar station and a radar for illumination and guidance to the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system, an anti-aircraft missile and gun system Pantsir and more than 10 units of unidentified equipment were destroyed. Also, two enemy observation posts, a field supply point and four reconnaissance drones were destroyed.

“Over the past day, an increased activity of enemy attacks with explosive grenades from reconnaissance drones was recorded. Frankly hunting for civilians in Antonivka and Beryslav, the invaders from the left bank dropped seven grenades from such drones. Fortunately, people were able to avoid damage,” the report says.

According to the Pivden task force, over the past day, the invaders continued to use aircraft, which attacked peaceful settlements on the right bank of Kherson region with guided aerial bombs. Three strikes were inflicted on Kherson and Beryslav regions. There is a hit in the recreational area and port infrastructure. Also, over the past day, the enemy carried out about six artillery attacks, as a result of which one civilian was killed, another was injured, and houses and private cars were damaged.

The last one was relatively calm for the right bank of Kherson region. “However, the residents of Antonivka and Beryslav had to go to shelter. Several private houses were damaged, without human losses,” the report says.


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