Occupiers fire at market area in Kherson, no casualties – authorities

The occupiers fired at the market area in Kherson, two people were initially known to be wounded, Head of the city military administration Roman Mrochko said.

“At about 15:00, Russian occupation forces struck Kherson from the temporarily occupied left bank! They hit the area of one of the markets. It is preliminary known that two were wounded. The information is being clarified,” Mrochko said in Telegram channel.

Mrochko later wrote: “According to updated information, there were no wounded at Dniprovsky market of Kherson, the enemy who attacked at 15.00. Witnesses explain this only by the fact that the working day was over and there were almost no buyers. Single sellers and owners remained at their stores.”

The administration’s head Oleksandr Prokudin also said in the Telegram channel: “Recently, the occupiers were caught near a supermarket in Dniprovsky district. Fortunately, there were no casualties.”


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