Klymenko meets with Howard Buffett

Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Ihor Klymenko met with American public figure and businessman Howard Graham Buffett.

“It was a substantive and productive meeting with Howard Buffett. The famous American philanthropist helps units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in particular, the National Police and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. A particularly valuable contribution is to the mine clearance process in Ukraine,” Klymenko said on the Telegram channel on Thursday.

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs said the Howard Buffett Foundation donated eight mechanized mine clearance vehicles to Ukrainian rescuers, as well as cars, metal detectors and other special equipment and equipment.

“The resulting equipment performs tasks in de-occupied territories,” Klymenko said.

In addition, he said mobile DNA laboratories donated by the Buffett Foundation are an important aid for Ukrainian criminologists, since they allow the body of the dead to be identified “in a matter of minutes,” and are also actively used in the process of documenting war crimes of Russia.

“I thank Howard Buffett and his Foundation for the support and assistance received. We are ahead of the implementation of new projects to improve the security situation in the country,” Klymenko said.


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