Grain corridor violated on Tues, Ukraine accuses Russia of disrupting work of JCC

The work of the grain corridor on Tuesday, April 11, was suspended due to the lack of inspections of the Joint Coordination Centre (JCC) on that day, Ukraine calls sabotage by the Russian Federation the reason for the situation.

According to the information of the JCC on its website, the last four inspections took place the day before, on April 10, on ships that left the port of Odesa and Chornomorsk on March 31-April 1.

The list of vessels that have not passed the inspection on the JCC website contains 31 vessels with departure dates from April 1 to April 11, including two of them left Ukrainian ports on Tuesday, and three more a day earlier.

Deputy Minister of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development Yuriy Vaskov, in a commentary to The Guardian, confirmed that no inspections happened on April 11. According to him, submitted the names of three bulk grain carriers, as per the treaty agreement, but the representatives of the Russian side in the JCC crossed out the names and submitted other inbound vessels. As a result, no ships were allowed to continue on their journey, Vaskov said.

“Today we have a critical situation. The Russians have violated the conditions of the Black Sea grain initiative. They decided to unilaterally change the plans of Ukrainian ports. It’s unacceptable,” The Guardian quoted the deputy minister.


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