Germany announces new package of military assistance to Ukraine for EUR 400 mln

The German Federal Ministry of Defense has announced the provision of a new package of military assistance to Ukraine totaling EUR 400 million.

“Support will be provided where it is most needed,” the ministry’s press service said in a message.

Thus, in order to strengthen Ukraine’s capabilities to intercept remotely installed mines, it is planned to transfer 30,000 155-mm artillery explosive shells, about 3,800 smoke ammunition for 155-mm artillery, 105,000 120-mm explosive ammunition, smoke and lighting mortar shells, as well as 480 AT-2 rockets.

Germany will also assist in the fight against massive and far-reaching minefields of the Russians with the help of mine clearance systems, armored engineering vehicles and armored evacuation vehicles. To do this, the Ministry of Defense provides 200 MRAP armored combat vehicles so that mine clearance specialists can approach Russian minefields in a protected form.

With the help of winter equipment, sets of spare parts for already delivered systems and vehicles, it is planned to strengthen the stability of the Ukrainian armed forces for the coming months. The mobile field hospital that has already been installed will also serve this purpose.

In addition, 50 surface drones will help repel the aggressor not only on land, but also at sea.

Individual projects will be implemented through donations from the Bundeswehr reserves, as well as jointly with industrial partners.

The promised equipment should be provided to Ukraine as soon as possible.


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