Fiercest battles taking place directly in city of Bakhmut, AFU doing everything to wear down enemy’s combat capability – spokesperson

Unprecedented bloody battles are currently taking place directly in the urban area of Bakhmut, Serhiy Cherevaty, the spokesperson for the Eastern Task Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, has said.

“Today, directly in the urban area of Bakhmut, bloody battles unprecedented in recent decades are taking place. The enemy has set the goal of taking this impregnable fortress city. Our soldiers in bloody fierce battles are doing everything to wear down the enemy’s combat capability and knock out its strength and morale. And every day they are successfully doing this in each corner of this city, trying to inflict maximum damage on the enemy,” Cherevaty said during the nationwide marathon on Saturday.

According to him, during these days, the enemy inflicted 158 strikes near Bakhmut with rocket troops, artillery, and MLRS. “A total of 17 clashes occurred, 80 invaders were killed, 100 wounded, and four enemy field depots were also destroyed,” he said.

As Cherevaty said, the next area in terms of battle intensity is Lyman-Kupiansk. This area is the leader in the shelling. “During the day, the enemy fired 307 times at our positions there, using various calibers and fire systems. Several clashes occurred there, 12 invaders were killed, and 44 were wounded. Their newest T-90 tank and infantry fighting vehicles, as well as an artillery tractor, were also destroyed there during the same day.”

“Bakhmut has become a point of infamy for the Russian troops,” Cherevaty said. With such huge efforts not to take the district center within nine months, this is “a shame that they will never be able to wash off.”


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