EU: if beheading of Ukrainian POW confirmed, it to be another reminder of inhumanity of Russian war against Ukraine

The European Union says that if the execution of a Ukrainian prisoner of war by decapitation is confirmed, it will be another brutal reminder of the inhumanity of the war waged by Russia against Ukraine. All criminals must be held accountable.

So on Wednesday in Brussels, press secretary of EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Josep Borrell Nabila Massrali commented on the information.

According to her, if this is confirmed, it will be another brutal reminder of the inhuman nature of Russian aggression. The killing of prisoners of war is a very serious violation of the Geneva Convention, and once again demonstrates that Russia has absolutely no respect for international law, in particular, international humanitarian law, she said.

Massrali pointed out that Russia must comply with its obligations under humanitarian law and guarantee the humane treatment of prisoners of war in accordance with the Geneva Convention, as well as ensure the safety of their lives. The EU reiterates its commitment to bring to justice all criminals and their accomplices for the crimes committed in connection with the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, she stressed.


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