Decision on EUR 1 bln for purchase of ammunition to Ukraine to be approved in coming days – Borrell

High Representative of the European Union for Foreign and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, is convinced that a solution regarding EUR 1 billion for the purchase of ammunition for Ukraine will be found in the coming days.

He said this on Monday before the start of the meeting of the EU Council on Foreign Affairs, which is taking place in Luxembourg. As it is known, after the EU decided on the first track to allocate EUR 1 billion for reimbursement of expenses to EU countries that have already allocated ammunition to Ukraine from their stocks, the second track – to allocate EUR 1 billion for purchase, is still under discussion due to disagreements of some countries of the bloc. The third track provides for the joint purchase of ammunition.

“And [on] the second track: yes, still there is some disagreement, but I am sure everybody will understand that we are in a situation of extreme urgency. I am sure that in the following days we will reach [an agreement]. But while we look for this legal agreement, do not believe that we are just sitting and waiting. The overall work is going on. And once the legal agreement will be reached, the practical work will be finished,” Borrell said.

He also said that he had a conversation with Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, during which Borrell “explained that there are two tracks.” “I have been explaining that there are two tracks. “The first track is on the way, we have received requests for reimbursement for EUR 600 million. I cannot tell you exactly the ammunitions which are behind the EUR 600 million [and] in which situation they are, [but] I have been asked to pay EUR 600 million for that,” the EU High Representative said.

At the same time, Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis expressed hope that this decision will be made today. When it comes to finding a quick solution regarding ammunition for Ukraine, he said, it is not only a political commitment that was approved at the last Council, but also a message to Ukraine that they will continue to support Ukraine militarily. According to him, they expect that they will be able to find agreements today.


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