Canadian Ambassador on China’s peace plan: We’ll follow Ukraine’s lead

Canada’s Ambassador to Ukraine Larisa Galadza said that Canada will rely on Ukraine’s position on the issue of attitude to China’s peace plan to end the war, stressing that the Ukrainian Peace Formula includes elements of a sustainable and just peace.

“As I understand it, President Zelenskyy is willing to have a direct conversation with President Xi about peace in Ukraine. We will watch that closely if and when it happens, and will follow Ukraine’s lead,” Galadza said in an exclusive interview with the Interfax-Ukraine agency.

At the same time, the Ambassador noted that President Zelenskyy’s Peace Formula includes elements of a sustainable and just peace, and Canada supported these principles in a Resolution of the UN General Assembly in February.

“And we didn’t just endorse those principles. We also worked hard diplomatically to get as many countries in the world as possible to endorse those principles. We must not tire of reiterating them,” Galadza added.

As reported, on the eve of the anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, China published its version of a 12-point peace plan to end the war. In particular, it includes points on a ceasefire and the transition of the warring parties to negotiations, but without indicating the need for Russian troops to withdraw from Ukrainian territory.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy believes that Ukraine should pay attention to China’s peace plan if its points coincide with respect for international law, the territorial integrity of states and issues related to security.


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