Businessman Yaroslavsky’s Sukha Balka mine resumes operation of Frunze mine after almost one year of idleness due to war

The Sukha Balka mine (Kryvy Rih, Dnipropetrovsk region), part of the DCH group of Oleksandr Yaroslavsky, resumed operation of the Frunze mine after almost one year of idleness.

According to information in DCH Steel’s corporate newspaper on Thursday, the mine’s miners have returned to their jobs and resumed ore production.

Due to military aggression and constant shelling of front-line areas, the civilian population is at risk, and industry has to work in critical conditions. Therefore, in November 2022, the mine management, due to shelling of the energy infrastructure, the setting of energy consumption limits and the mobilization of workers in leading mining specialties, decided to suspend production at the Frunze mine.

The resumption of the technological process was facilitated by a stable energy situation and the availability of labor potential. Therefore, from September 15, the unit began mining raw ore, and tunneling work and drilling of deep wells also resumed.

According to the chief engineer of the mine, Ihor Piltek, the decision to start production was made at the end of August. The preparatory stage of restoration work lasted two weeks: inspection and adjustment of equipment of the crushing and screening plant, conveyor, and in-mine transport. The service department was engaged in setting up self-propelled equipment.

“All the work was completed in a short time. Therefore, on September 15, the Frunze mine began production,” the chief engineer of the mine said.

According to him, the Druzhba deposit is currently being mined at a 1,210-meter horizon. The production is maintained and supported by about 200 workers. The planned monthly production rate is 20,000 tonnes of ore.

Frunze Mine deposit has been developed by opencast mining since 1885. The mine was built in 1962. The design quality of the ore is iron content up to 61.88%.

The Sukha Balka mine is one of the leading mining enterprises in Ukraine. The mine includes the Yuvileina and Frunze mines.

The DCH group acquired the mine from the Evraz group in May 2017.


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