All Ukrainian diplomats should step up their work with partners so that they respond more actively to every case of Russia’s circumvention of sanctions

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy has called on all diplomatic representatives of Ukraine to step up work with partner states so that they respond more actively to every case of Russia circumventing sanctions.

“We continue to communicate with partners to ensure that sanctions against Russia are fully enforced. All of our diplomatic representatives must step up their efforts to ensure that partners respond more actively to each instance of Russia evading sanctions. This is not an abstract issue. The terrorist state manufactures weapons, including missiles,” he said in a video address.

Zelenskyy stressed that all Russian missiles have dozens of critically important components manufactured abroad, and many of them by companies from the free world.

“Today there was a corresponding report by head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, Oleksandr Lytvynenko. Clear facts. Therefore, blocking Russia’s ways of circumventing sanctions is literally blocking terror. I am grateful to all partners who understand this, and to everyone in the world who helps us in the relevant work,” the President said.


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