Category: Violation of journalists’ rights

Korean President’s Battle Against ‘Fake News’ Alarms Critics

Allies of President Yoon Suk Yeol are attacking what they see as an existential threat to South Korea, and they are mincing few words. The head of Mr. Yoon’s party has called for the death sentence for a case of “high treason.” The culture ministry has vowed to root out what it called an “organized…
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Wins for Abortion Rights in 3 States, and More

Plus, a House censure for Representative Rashida Tlaib and an expansion in fossil fuel extraction.

Excerpts From Nashville School Shooter’s Writings Are Published Online

A conservative political commentator published three photographs on Monday that appeared to show excerpts from writings by the shooter who killed six people at a Nashville Christian school, enraging parents of the surviving students and prompting an investigation into the leak. For months there has been a court battle over whether any of the assailant’s…
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City Summons Reporter to Court After He Asked Too Many Questions

Officials in a Chicago suburb issued citations to a local news reporter in late October after he persistently contacted elected officials about a flooding issue. The Daily Southtown, a regional newspaper owned by the Chicago Tribune Media Group, the parent company of The Chicago Tribune, published an article by Hank Sanders about consultants informing officials…
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Radio Journalist, ‘DJ Johnny Walker,’ Fatally Shot During Live Broadcast in the Philippines

A Filipino radio journalist, Juan Jumalon, was shot and killed during a live broadcast at his home in the southwest Philippines early on Sunday, according to the local authorities, who were searching for possibly multiple attackers. Mr. Jumalon, 57, who hosted a radio program under the name D.J. Johnny Walker, was livestreaming his show on…
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Book Review: ‘A Death in Malta,’ by Paul Caruana Galizia

Finally, on an October afternoon in 2017, she was killed at age 53 as she turned out of her driveway. A bomb that had been planted overnight, triggered remotely, blew her and her gray Peugeot to pieces. A farmer who was driving by is quoted by her youngest son, Paul Caruana Galizia, as saying that…
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An Alabama Newspaper Publisher and Reporter Are Arrested, Raising Alarms

A newspaper publisher and reporter in Alabama were arrested last week and charged with disclosing grand jury evidence in an article, alarming press freedom advocates who raised First Amendment concerns. The Escambia County district attorney, Stephen Billy, brought the felony charges against Sherry Digmon, the publisher and co-owner of Atmore News in Atmore, Ala., and…
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Indian Opposition Figures Get Threat Notification From Apple

More than a dozen iPhones across India buzzed with the same message earlier this week. Each notification sounded its own little alarm, but was amplified many times over when the targets identified themselves publicly. Most were prominent political opponents of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party. The warning on their phones, sent…
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Poland’s Ruling Party Casts Doubt on Election That Cost It Power

After eight years of pumping out vitriol against opponents of Poland’s governing party, state-controlled television has rallied to an unlikely new cause: a free media and fair play. Unsettled by the election this month of a new Parliament controlled by political forces it previously vilified, Poland’s main public broadcaster last week set up a telephone…
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Opinion | The Supreme Court’s Social Media Cases Can Strengthen Our Democracy

Americans spend a lot of time on social media, and this term the Supreme Court will do the same. Over the next few months — beginning Tuesday — the court will hear a series of cases requiring it to resolve First Amendment questions arising out of the role that major social media platforms play in…
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