In Cyprus, journalists and experts to discuss fake news, countering terrorism

Information in the era of fake news, cyber terrorism as a new global danger, the Internet and social networks as a tool of terrorists are among the topics to be discussed by experts and journalists at an international conference in Limassol, Cyprus, on 21-24 October.

The annual International conference “The role of media in countering terrorism,” which is organised by the International academy of television and radio (IATR) and supported by the Russian Federal Agency on Press and Mass Communications together with the Cyprus Union of Journalists, is expected to be attended by journalists and experts and representatives of electronic mass media, diplomatic and special services of many countries.

Other issues to be discussed, include new journalism of bloggers and YouTubers: how to mobilize them to fight terrorism and hate propaganda and ways of collaboration of journalists and security services to counter terrorism.

The conference will be opened by Leonid Mlechin, IATR Chairman of the board, journalist of the Russian Public Television, Vladimir Kozlov, deputy Chairman of the Russian Agency on Press and Mass Communications and George Frangos, President of the Union of Journalists of Cyprus.

The conference is expected to be attended by journalists and experts from Russia, Belgium, Belarus, Greece, Israel, Spain, Italy, Cyprus and other countries.

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